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Altr’d Thread meets Prohibition

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

With Thanksgiving around the corner, my spirits are lifted with notions of gratefulness. When I began this adventure just over a year ago I had no idea where it would take me or if I would be successful. Everyone measures success differently. This year has taught me to allow the small victories to fuel by business and prove to my cynical self that I can be successful.

It is amazing people like Kayla, owner of Prohibition & Pearls Photography who has helped me discover some very important aspects of business and myself. Kayla and I met online in a West Michigan bridal group. She was organizing a styled bridal shoot, something I knew absolutely nothing about. Up until this point I had just begun curating a presence on social media for my creations. I reached out to her to offer one of my gowns or services to make her boho dreams come true.

Oh boy, was I nervous. So worried my work wasn't going to be good enough, or that what I produced wasn't quite what she was looking for. Kayla and I chatted back and forth about her vision for the shoot. I had some fabrics and designs in mind. But I suggested that she have a back up gown just in case.

After brainstorming about her ideas, I put it into action. I laid out fabric and started designing and cutting. I had a fitting with the model for measurements and then again 5 days before the shoot. It was coming together well. When I sent Kayla photos of the dress on the mannequin her reaction was priceless. My faith in my skill was again restored.

Since our first shoot together Kayla and I have worked together on a few different projects. One being my branding shoot, which I couldn't have been more happy about! Most recently I created a bridal skirt for her much anticipated Intimate Adventures campaign, an all inclusive elopement package she is offering her clients. Another project I was nervous about, since I only had measurements to work from.

But somehow Kayla has this amazing ability to truly make perfection from the designs I create. I am so thankful for her participation in my business and the constant reminder that I can pull this off. I have found that it is important to have like minded women business owners to work with on a regular basis to remind myself that I am not alone in this.

Photo credit: Kayla Powell

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