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 Altr'd Thread is a hybrid sewing studio that offers specialized alterations, custom design services, and a comfortable inviting environment for all clients. What began as a means to and end has grown into a passion driven business. Explore my site to get to know who I am, discover my why, and learn about the brand and services I offer. 

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Let's sew-cialize...

Altr'd Thread is so much more than an alterations shop or your great aunt's sewing room. CREATIVITY is behind the wheel of this business, on a journey to share our learned skills and cast a warm light on the art of sewing.

Sometimes it seems that we are quite alone in this industry and the further we automate our world, the less important skilled trades seem to become. Our GOAL is to revive the art of sewing in and around our communities. 

I can't tell you how many people who walk in our doors say, "I've always wanted to learn to sew!"  Well here is your chance. We have created regular scheduled  'learn to sew' events called SIP+SEWs! Check out the link below for more details. 



Let's be real honest... it's just messy sometimes. The kitchen is messy, our hair is messy, our brains and hearts can be messy. I am constantly making messes just to bring order to the creative chaos my day to day life is centered around.


I am not here to sell you a vision of a perfect life. In today's technology-based, instant gratification world, there are so many people, places, and things to compare ourselves to.


But we forget that we are created uniquely. Each and every one of us has a different perspective and we have the opportunity to grow and learn from one another. 

Explore the the services we offer and how we can make your vision a reality. 

Coffee and Scissors

Let's brainstorm...

Do you have ideas or visions you want to see come to life? Let's get the creative juices flowing with a simple conversation. We would love to hear from you, and help make your dreams a reality. Or, if you would like to book an appointment, use the "Book Now" button at the top of the page!

Thanks for reaching out!

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